Sunday, December 18, 2016

It appears I am getting faster

This week : 
M : run 5.1 / 7:00 / 289 ft
cooldown 1 / 8:15 / 0 ft
T : sweatfest 40 minutes / 9.3 miles
W : run 5.4 / 7:45 / 246 ft
R : run w/Mollie 3.3 / 8:05 / 148 ft
F : run 5.2 / 7:17 / 348 ft
Su : run 6.2 / 7:49 / 531 ft
total run miles : 26.2
total bike miles : 9.3

I've noticed my solo runs getting significantly faster over the last week or two.  I was shocked to get home and see my splits on Monday's run.  I had no idea I was going that fast, and it certainly didn't feel like I was working that hard.  On Friday it was pretty cold and windy out, so there were parts where I was able to run fast and stay warm, and other parts where I was running uphill into the wind and it felt like I wasn't moving.  I was very surprised to see that none of the splits looked like the wind had really slowed me down at all.  Today's splits are all over the place, as I'm back in Lewisburg...longer uphills make me slower while the equally long downhills allow me to pick the pace back up. You can see the elevation gain is much higher in this run! The weather was also nasty today, about 50 degrees, but windy and rainy.

Monday 12-12
 Friday 12-16
Sunday 12-18

It seems I am running faster with less effort now, after taking it easy for a few weeks.  Apparently the foot pain was good for me.  My legs must have needed a few easy weeks to recover and come back stronger from all the hard running I had been doing.  

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