Sunday, April 30, 2017

Summer in April

It has been either raining or 80+ degrees every day this week...I have been loving the 80 degree days!

This week : 
M : 4.1 / 7:48 / 246 ft
T : 6.1 / 10:10/ 167 ft
(10 x 200 @ 38-40 seconds)
W : workout 5 x 5 @30/10
R : group 6.3 / 7:52 / 236 ft
F : rest
Sa : 18.5 / 8:34 / 1024 ft (11.5 w/Kenny)
horseback ride 1:30
Su : rest
total miles : 35

I was pretty pleased with Saturday's long run in Lewisburg.  It was already over 70 degrees when I started, but I do want to make sure I am acclimated to heat before my marathon on June 10!  I had about 5 scoops of Tailwind powder mixed with 1.5L of water in my camelbak, and when I finished the run I had about 5 sips of water left, so I was glad I hadn't tried to push for 20 miles like I had considered.  The route I chose was very hilly and there wasn't a whole lot of shade, but I felt remarkably good anyway, especially considering it was near 85 degrees by the time I finished!  I was a little worried about how it would feel to start with someone and then have to finish the last 6+ miles alone, but it ended up being fine.  

track tuesday

heading up big hill 1 of 4 during Saturday's long run

long run done!

Tomorrow will be a TRX class at the Lewisburg gym in the morning, and the Pub Run in the evening.  I'm enjoying a long weekend in the 'burg while taking advantage of my 2 personal days for the year.  Half the school is out on week-long field trips this week so it was the perfect time to take my days off!

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