Sunday, May 21, 2017

post-long run

This week: 
M : bike w/Chuck 20.3 / 16.2 mph / 1385 ft
T : bike w/Chuck & Joe 20.4 / 14.7 mph / 1207 ft
W : TRX 3 x 10 @ 45/15
shakeout 1 / 7:54 / 0 ft
R : yoga class 1 hour
group run 4.7 / 7:53 / 253 ft
F : rest
Sa : run w/ Mollie 7.1 / 8:39 / 154 ft
Su : workout 15 minutes
total run miles : 12.8
total bike miles : 40.7

It was hard not to run for so many days in a row...but I managed!  I tried to wait til Thursday, but after Wednesday's TRX in an 80 degree apartment I really wanted to feel a breeze.  Also, I went overkill on the squats and lunges and I wanted to shake out my legs.  At least I only did a mile, and I skipped the inhaler so that I couldn't go too far or fast anyway.  It felt good though, and so Thursday I felt good about going for a good 4-5 mile run.  In the meantime, my bike got some good use while I was resting my foot!  

On Thursday I started with the guys.  They were running faster than I wanted to go, but I let them carry me for a few miles, and then I split off to jog back to the brewery while they continued on, since they wanted more miles than me anyway.  My foot hurt a little bit, but it's unavoidable as the roads I was running on had the same camber that hurt it to begin with!  

On Saturday, Mollie and I headed to Damascus where we ran around town and up and down the Creeper Trail while people-watching at the Trail Days Festival.  We ran the first 4.5 ish miles together, then she stopped and I picked up the pace and got a few more miles in.  It was hot and sunny, but I felt pretty good.  
Creeper Trail on a gorgeous day.

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