Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An adrenaline-fueled run thanks to some exciting news!

this morning's sunrise from my classroom

My phone started ringing right as faculty meeting was about to start today.  It was a WV number, but not one I knew, so I ignored it.  Whoever it was left a message.  When I finally got to it after the meeting, it turned out to be a parent offering me some sort of photography job for this Saturday.  I called him back, thinking I would probably have to decline, since I am running a half marathon on Saturday.  As he started describing the job, I thought for sure I would have to decline.  But, even after I explained that I was running a race and would barely be able to get myself fed and clean in time, he managed to talk me into saying yes.

So, I will be hurrying back home as soon as I finish the race on Saturday, getting myself cleaned up, and heading out by noon for a photography adventure that will include photography a farm, a helicopter ride/aerial photography, and the first half of the WVU game in Morgantown.  I have been assured that it will be a very fun day.

Needless to say, I am super excited, and rather nervous!  Thinking about this job got the adrenaline pumping, so I headed out for a run to take advantage of it.  I had a really great run.  My lungs definitely had to work hard, but they held up pretty well.  I did get rather slow on some of the uphills, but I powered down the other sides and apparently made up for it!

The total run was 6.8 miles, in 47:37.  Pretty impressive for coming off of a summer of no running!  This was my last run before the half marathon on Saturday.  I'm ready to race!  (I

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