Thursday, October 2, 2014

The pros and cons of an Eastern facing classroom

I have been really good (so far...) about getting out of bed on time and getting to work early this year. In theory, this is great.  I'm awake and ready to be productive as soon as I get to school.  In reality...this extra time in the morning is not getting me ahead on lesson plans.  Because my classroom has a window/door/deck that faces towards the East.  And the sun is rising just as I am trying to start working.  And...the sunrises have been really pretty lately!  So instead of getting school work done, all I end up doing is taking pictures of the sunrise.

This morning I was extra-ahead of time, and was in the building by 7:30!  And got NO extra work done.  I did get these nice photos though...

Evening update : the sunset was gorgeous as well.  Holly and I went to Walmart after our sushi date because I needed some folders for school.   When we walked out, we saw the sky and had to grab our cameras out of the car to snap some photos.

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