Sunday, January 18, 2015

Things were going so well and then... super-human immune system had a temporary system failure.  I won't say that I had the flu...but I do believe I was fighting the flu.  No fever/vomiting/any of that nastiness, but I did have a nasty sore throat and was achy all over.  And there were a few flashes of nausea that luckily came and went quickly.  I was in the middle of an incredible running streak, but I had to derail it in order to spend lots of time in bed so that my immune system could fight off the plague.  I had a hint of a sore throat Wednesday night, ignored it, felt ok Thursday morning, went to work, and went into a rapid decline.  I just barely made it through my classes and left as soon as they were over.  Friday was a teacher work day, and I was encouraged to stay home and get better.  So I spent all day Friday in bed.  Was in bed by 7:15 on Thursday night, and spent all but 2 of the next 24 hours lying there.  Napping, reading, netflix-ing, letting my immune system do its job.  First sick day I have taken in 3 or 4 years.  Felt pretty good by Friday night, but the sore throat was still coming and going.  Eventually, I realized that heartburn was aggravating it and bringing it back every time it was almost better.  So I have been super careful with meals ever since and that seems to be doing the trick.  Now, I feel like a head cold may be setting in, but I'm hoping it's just a touch of allergies from being at the barn yesterday...either way, I took today's run easy just in case.

Before my running got derailed, I had run 10 days in a row, taken 2 days off, and then gotten right back into mileage.  Trying to increase my minimum mileage fro 4.5 to 6.  Was doing great until I had to rest and then had to take today back down to 4.5 rather than risk making myself sick again.

Shorter runs in the week of Jan 5-11 were due to extremely cold weather, I couldn't keep circulation in my hands for any longer than 3 miles.

Jan 5-11
M : 4.5
T : 8.3
W : 3.1
R :  3.1
Su : 9.8
total : 28.8 miles

Jan 12-18
M : 7
T : 6.3
W : 6.4
Su : 4.5
total 24.2

Was sad to miss out on running in 50 degree weather on Saturday this week, but knew that rest was more important, so I took advantage of the opportunity to go spend some time with Pony.

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