Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trial by Fire

I had gotten above 6 miles in my runs several times, and my foot was feeling pretty good.  So I wanted to know if it was ready for more mileage.  I ran 9.5 miles.  It wasn't ready.  Haven't run since that long run, but I am going to try a short(er) run tomorrow morning and see what happens.

This week : 
M : run 6.3, bike 17.9
T : run 5.3
W : bike 24.1
R : run 9.5
F : rest
Sa : bike 30.4
Su : rest

total run miles : 21.1 (goal 20)
total bike miles : 72.5 (goal 50)

I upped my running mileage goal for this week since last week went so well.  I lowered the bike mileage goal mainly just because school has started up and am not guaranteed to find the time to ride much more than 50 until my indoor trainer gets here.  I just ordered it on Friday, but it is back-ordered, so it may not be here for a few weeks.  

In other news, I also ordered my new bike!  I am looking forward to riding a nicer, lighter, faster, and better-fitting bike.  And prettier of course.  Sadly I was unable to get a blue bike because apparently the "in" color is red.  But it does have a bit of green on it, which is my second favorite color.  And of course I ordered blue bar tape to go on it, and a blue saddle bag.  It will be pretty snazzy looking once it is built.  

I had an appointment at the car mechanic's for after I stopped in the bike shop to order my new bike stuff.  I knew it was going to be a rather expensive visit, but I was thinking somewhere around $500.  As luck would have it, all of the parts and labor for the various problems with my car totaled over $1000.  About half of the stuff was done on Friday, the other half will be done next Friday after parts come in.  Life gets more expensive every time I turn around.  But this visit involved all new brakes and rotors, so I shouldn't have to worry about that again for a long time... I am going to be optimistic and assume that after this round of repairs, my car will run wonderfully and problem-free for awhile.  
I'm thinking maybe it's a good thing that my foot is saying it's not race-ready, because I should be paying for my bike and car right now, not for race-travel...  

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