Sunday, August 30, 2015

A week of running and the allergy plague

Allergies are so annoying.  I miss the blissfully allergy-free existence I had for my first 4 or so years in WV.  Now they are worse every year.  I ran out of Claritin a few weeks ago, but had plenty of Zyrtec left, so I switched to that.  This Tuesday my nose started running like a leaky faucet.  I went to CVS as soon as I got off work and picked up Claritin.  Sadly, not soon enough.  I got a sore throat.  And then my nose stopped dripping and got stuffed up.  And then the cough started.  Of course, this coincided with the first week of my full teaching schedule at school.  Teaching PE on Friday was...hard.  Any time I had to talk for more than about 5 seconds, and any time I had to raise my voice, I went into a coughing fit.  Hooray for whistles.  Anti-hooray for the fact that I chose activities that required explanations and question-answering.

Thanks to being sick, I messed up my running/sleep schedule this week.  I ran first thing in the morning on Monday and Tuesday, but it was chilly in the mornings this week, and on Wednesday there was no way I was dragging my allergy-ridden self out of bed to run in 50 degrees.  That's just asking to get sicker.  I took Wednesday off.  Thursday I had to drop my car off at Ford in the evening so it could get new parts installed on Friday morning.  I jogged home from Ford...the 6 mile wandering way, not the 1.5 mile direct way.  It felt really, really, glorious to run in the warm, sunshiny daylight after so many dark, cold, skunky runs.  I was hoping my car would be done by lunchtime so I could pick it up in my planning period, but it wasn't.  I didn't get to pick it up until after school, and didn't get home til 4.  I wanted to bike, but I had to be at a school picnic at 5, so there wasn't enough time for anything but a bike sprint and I was not in the mood for that.  I finally got on the bike today.  Not so much because I was in the mood for it, but because I needed to get on it before I forgot how.  I can't let myself give up the bike quite yet.  I just don't want to bike so much now that I am running a lot.  I like running so much more.  But my new bike should get here and get built sometime this week, and I'm guessing the shiny new bike will help me want to bike more.

This week : 
M : run 5
T : run 5.1
R : run 6
Sa : jog 1.5, race 3.1, jog 0.2
Su : bike 23

total miles run : 21
total miles biked : 23

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