Sunday, November 13, 2016

Final preparations for Star City 1/2

Getting excited for my next half marathon, coming up on Saturday!  Stuck to my new routine of speed work on Tuesday and long run on Thursday.  Hoping to keep to that schedule...except for this coming week, when I will be taking it easier in preparation for Star City.

This week : 
M : 7.3 / 7:50 / 495 ft
T : speedwork 5.5 / 8:32 / 148ft (6 x 0.4)
Wolf Pack 2 / 8:48 / 33 ft
R : 12.4 / 7:50 / 558 ft (last 3.5 w/Ben)
Sa : 4 / 7:38 / 253 ft
Su : shakeout w/Ben 2 / 8:51 / 39 ft
total miles : 33.2

One of my happiest "accomplishments" this week was running both longer runs (Monday and Thursday) without my orthotics, and without tendonitis pain!  It's like my feet are normal again!  Still haven't decided if I'm racing with the orthotics or the superfeet insoles this weekend... Since one of the orthotics is cracked and currently reinforced with duct tape, I know it's only a matter of time until they are no longer functional, so I'm trying to move away from them, but I also want them to stick around just in case the tendonitis starts making noises again.  

The plan for Tuesday was 800s, but the flat street near the brewery that I wanted to do them on turned up a bit short.  I decided it was close enough.  I didn't plan on an exact number; I knew I would do at least 4, but planned to keep going until I felt like I couldn't hold a steady pace anymore.  6 turned out to be my number.  I was trying for half marathon race pace.  I did put extra effort into the last one, because that's what I like to do.  

(1st one on the list was part of my warm-up)

Thursday I made sure I didn't stay at work too late, so that I could get most of a long run done before dark.  Ben was planning on 3 miles for his last run pre-marathon, so I planned to get about 7-8 miles and then loop back through the parking lot to pick him up for the 3.  I started at 4:40, and as I got a few miles in, knew I could manage 9 before the time I told Ben I would swing back through.  12 sounded even better than 10-11.  I was really pleased with the pace I was keeping, without exerting too much effort.  I swung back through the parking lot at 8.9, and ran 3.5 more with Ben.  (Our loop got us back to the brewery in under 3 so we added an extra loop). This run went a long way in helping me feel ready for my upcoming race.  IF I can hold myself back from going out too hard, I expect a very successful race.  If, if, if.  My biggest challenge right now...gotta learn someday!

I had hoped for another long run on Saturday, but when I planned that, I had planned something more like 10 on Thursday and 10 on Saturday.  After 12+ on Thursday I figured I'd be lucky if I got 8 on Saturday.  Then I contemplated taking it off to give my legs more rest time, but they were asking for a run, so I went for it.  Sometime after 3 miles my legs decided they were done, and I did the smart thing, listened, and headed for home.  As much as I wanted more longer runs before this race, I don't want to overdo it and make my legs too tired to race well.  

I wanted a shake-out today, but figured rest was more important given how my legs felt yesterday.  Then Ben decided he wanted a post-marathon shakeout and asked if I wanted to join him for an easy 2 miles.  I figure an easy 2 miles is basically a day off, so I joined him and we talked marathon woes, lessons, and "I-told-you-sos" for 2 miles.  As of yesterday, I want to do another marathon, and I'm hoping he will be my training partner... I think getting my endurance up to marathon level will help me get my 1/2 times down, and I know the training will go so much better with a running partner!  (I wouldn't even be considering a marathon if I didn't think I had someone to train with...)

And now...Tuesday's recovery bar words of wisdom. 
Fitting after a speed workout, since they are definitely not in my comfort zone.  Or like zone. 

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