Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dusting cobwebs off the bikes

This week : 
M : sweatfest 9.5 / 40 minutes
R : turkey jog w/ Lewisburg Run Club 3.2 / 8:54 / 0 ft
F : horseback ride 1:22
Sa : sweatfest 10.2 / 40 minutes
Su : bike 20.1 / 18.3 mph / 1063 ft
total run miles : 3.2
total bike miles : 39.9

My legs were begging for a shakeout jog but I was trying really hard to give my foot some time off after how bad it hurt on Sunday, so I decided to torture myself with the dreaded bike trainer.  I put on an episode of Criminal Minds (the current series I'm marathoning through) and did some easy pedaling until the episode was over.  Tuesday was a half day at school and then I headed to Lewisburg.  Wednesday I got my new orthotics made, got my hair chopped off, and caught up with friends.  I had been pain free since Sunday, although I also hadn't worn anything but my best Danskos.  So Thursday morning I decided to try an easy Turkey-Day jog with a couple people from the Lewisburg run club.  We did two nice slow, flat, loops, and there was no pain.  The orthotics felt good, so hopefully they won't need to be tweaked.  I then decided that to be safe, I would wait til Tuesday before trying to run again.  I got home Saturday evening, and was losing my mind from barely exercising all week, so at 8 PM I gave in and hopped back on the bike trainer.  This time I made myself work a lot harder than on Monday.  I did intervals-ish...I didn't time them, but every now and then I made myself pedal harder until my heartrate got up above 175.  Then today it made it slightly above 50 degrees, so I decided it was time to dust off the Supersix and head outside for a ride. My legs felt a lot stronger than the last time I biked outside!  It seems that running does a lot more for my bike muscles than biking does for my run muscles.  

The plan is to bike outside again's my 1 year "crashiversary."  And I hope to do short easy jogs on Tuesday and Thursday with the Wolf Pack.  

My new do...and the long braid I will be donating!
It may be the shortest I've ever gone...and so far I love it.  
(The facebook world also loves may be my most popular post ever.  
Nobody seems sad to see the long hair go...)

A few friends and I decided we would rather make sushi than turkey for Thanksgiving.
We call it Sushisgiving. 
We had such a great time, we decided we have to do it again next year!

The ingredients waiting to be rolled into sushi-roll deliciousness.
I made some cranberry sauce to dip the rolls a Thanksgiving touch...
This was the third or fourth time I made sushi, but the first time I tried making the rolls with the rice on the outside.  It was a success!  I've always preferred the rice on the outside, so I'm glad it didn't end up being that hard to make them this way.  

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