Sunday, November 20, 2016

Star City race week

This week : 
T : Wolf Pack 4.6 /8:37 / 203 ft
W : 5 / 7:35 / 364 ft
R : Wold Pack 4.6 / 8:10 / 177 ft
Sa : warm up w/Corey 1.4 / 7:53 / 43 ft
Star City 13.1 / 6:56 / 262 ft
cool down w/Corey 0.6 / 9:26 / 0 ft

total : 29.4 miles

I took it pretty easy this week, afraid to overdo it before the race, knowing the 12+ mile run last week had gone really well but also tired me out.  I've never been a big fan of tapering, but I'd say this is the closest I've ever come.  I guess it was worth it since I had a great race!  

I'm currently not too happy, because I have tendonitis pain in my right foot.  It's rather baffling, because there was zero foot pain yesterday.  My legs are itching for an easy shakeout jog today to loosen up, but I'm not gonna risk it.  I don't want to play games with this stupid pain.  I've been icing it and massaging it and hopefully it will go away soon!  

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