Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fewer runs, more mileage

Trying to get back to a running schedule that involves fewer runs, but longer runs.  I'd rather take more days off and have no run be under 7 or 8 miles, than run every day and end up with a bunch of 3-4 milers.  I have accomplished this before...let's see if I can get back to it.  Maybe I'll even manage to start getting back on the bike on some of my off days for the cross training.

This week : 
T : group run 7.2 / 8:28 / 381 ft
W : run 8.8 (3 w/Amanda) / 7:45 / 518 ft 
R : group run 7.4 / 8:03 / 348 ft
Su : trail run w/Mollie 11.8 / 9:14 / 1237 ft
total miles : 35.2

Today's trail run was a 5.5 mile loop around the lake at Hungry Mother State Park.  We stuck together on the first loop.  At the end of the loop, we decided to turn around and run it backwards, instead of going the same direction twice.  On the second loop, I did some out & backs to stretch my legs.  I pushed about 1/2 a mile the first time before turning around to re-join Mollie, and I pushed for about a mile the second time.  There were also a few spots where I looped around a parking lot until she caught up.  It can be hard for me to run slower sometimes, but I have found that a slower long run greatly reduces my need for recovery time afterwards.  Besides, it's nice to pay it forward and help people get faster, as I have been helped by others over the years.  

My legs were pretty sore from last weekend's race, so I ended up spending quality time with the foam roller this week.  The pain on the roller is intense, but it definitely helps a lot!  

Oh yay, rolling out my quads can double as an ab-strengthening exercise!

And was warm enough to run in shorts!
At least until it started raining...and then I was 5.5 miles in so I had to just keep going. 

Hungry Mother Park was pretty, but I was too cold to really take any photos after the run...took this from inside my car with the heat blasting. I'll definitely go back with my cameras at some point.

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