Sunday, January 1, 2017

Old year, New year

Said goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 by getting back over 30 weekly miles after a 6 week hiatus!  Ended up with two (!) unplanned 10 milers this week.

This week : 
M : run 3.3 / 7:07 / 151 ft
T : Wolf Pack 5.3 / 7:26 / 361 ft
W : long run w/Mollie 10 / 8:54 / 384 ft
R : Wolf Pack 4.2 / 7:29 / 197 ft
Su : long run 10.5 / 7:52 / 820
total miles : 33.3

I got home from Lewisburg on Monday and didn't really feel like running, but it was nearly 70 degrees out and I couldn't spend such lovely weather cooped in my nasty cigarette-smoke filled apartment, so I went for a run.  Went short and fast.  Tuesday my legs were feeling tired, but I did the group run with Corey and Ben.  Between the heavy legs and my stomach mad at me for not eating healthy enough during the day, it was hard to keep up, but I stuck with them.  On Wednesday, Mollie wanted to go for a run on the Creeper Trail, and I figured it would be an easy 4 or 5 miler.  I showed up at the trail, and she said  "how about 10 miles?"  I was due for a ten miler, so I figured I may as well go for it.  Not a fan of so many miles on a flat trail, but it wasn't so bad doing it with someone.  Though thankfully, she now agrees that long runs should not be done on the trail, so I shouldn't have to do that again.  On Thursday Corey, Ben, and I decided to run earlier in the day rather than wait til night.  I then spent the rest of Thursday and all of Friday moving into a new apartment.  I'm very happy to now be in a place with clean air!  I meant to do one last run for the year on Saturday, but spent all day waiting for Comcast to show up and install my cable/internet.  They were supposed to come at 8.  I called at various times throughout the day and talked to about 6 different people.  The first few told me to just keep waiting.  It was mid-afternoon before I got to talk to someone who actually tried to help me, although his plan apparently didn't succeed, because I had to call again around 4:30, at which point I was transferred to the supervisor, who said it was too late and I'd have to reschedule.  I was less than thrilled that I spent the whole day stuck inside waiting for someone who was never going to come, but on the bright side I got the whole apartment set up!  

Today I was tired and sore from all the moving, but I already took my 2 days off this week, and wanted to get started on my 2017 miles, so I figured I would do an easy 4 miles.  2 miles in, I was feeling pretty good so I convinced myself to go further.  And then I ended up with 10.5 miles.  I didn't look at my watch during the run, I just kept running.  I was counting the mile beeps from my watch, but didn't hear them all.  So when I was a little over a mile from home and thought I had 8+ I checked my watch to decide what I needed to do to get 10.  Turned out I was at 9.2, so I just ran straight home from there.  Great run to kick off 2017!  

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