Monday, January 9, 2017

Long Run and lots of internet issues

I'm so glad to now be in an apartment that is cigarette-smoke free...but the issues I've been having with Comcast since the move have been ridiculous.  The first day they were supposed to send a tech to set up my cable/internet, he never showed up.  I spent all day calling every few hours and being told to "just keep waiting" even though he was supposed to arrive by 10 AM.  I can't be home during the week, so I had to reschedule for this past Saturday.  It snowed Friday night and was bitterly cold, so it was icy.  They changed my time from 8-10, to 8-8.  And then around noon cancelled because of the "weather" even though the roads had been cleared and nothing was falling through the sky.  I got access to a wifi hotspot, and thought I would be fine.  Then my old account was cancelled, and I lost my access because I can't access the hotspot through my new account until a tech shows up.  I lost access while I was sleeping Saturday night.  No-one yesterday managed to fix my problem.  I was at work all day today.  First person I got when I called today had no idea what she was doing, but pretended she was going to have someone else call me back.  I ate dinner and then called again.  And got someone smart enough to set me up a new username and password that will work.  So I'm back online...and hoping it lasts.  But not holding my breath.  I have a race this coming Saturday, so I can't get a tech out here til the's gonna be a long 2 weeks if I can't keep access to this hotspot!

Last week : 
M : 5.5 / 7:27 / 354 ft
T : Wolf Pack 3.5 / 7:52 / 131 ft
R : 14.5 / 7:57 / 892 ft
Sa : 4.7/ 8:09 / 226
Su : run w/Ben 3.1 / 7:41 /118 ft
total miles : 31.3

Monday was supposed to be an easy day, but I found a new hill I wanted to run...and in the process of getting there somehow I started running fast and then I pushed the hill just a not an easy day.  

Tuesday I again wanted to go easy, but got carried by the group.  I did cut it off short though and let Ben go on and get 6 miles without me.  Wednesday I finally took a day off, which I needed since I had run 10+ on Sunday and then run hard again on Monday.  

Thursday I decided not to wait til 6 to run with the group, and started around 4:45.  I wasn't sure how many miles I would do, I was vaguely hoping for something over 10.  I figured if I still had energy around 6 I would run through the parking lot and run a few more with the group.  I got there right around 6, at just under 10 miles.  I hit 10 while running circles around the parking lot waiting for everyone to get ready.  Then they told me they were running the creeper trail.  I wanted to keep running, but I was getting tired, and knew I was dragging my feet to much to run on the trail with all its rocks and roots.  Last thing I wanted to do was fall on my face.  Also, I don't have a headlamp, and I suspected I was too tired to keep up with the group, but also I couldn't fall behind without a light.  So, I ran 3/4 mile to the trail with the group, then broke off and continued my long solo run.  Somehow I made it all the way to 14.5.  It was long, cold, and lonely out there with no music or partner, but it was a great run and I'm glad I was able to do it.  

I took my much deserved day off on Friday, and then Saturday I shoveled myself a path to the road and went for a jog in the snow.  It was about 10 degrees out, so at least I could run through the snow without getting my feet wet...

Sunday it was about 7 degrees out for Ben & I's jog.  Froze my face off, but the rest of me was fine.  

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