Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls Take 2

I've been craving cinnamon rolls all week, but quick as this delicious recipe is, it's still not quick enough for school mornings, so I've had to content myself with chocolate chip pancakes every morning.  Finally, Saturday morning has arrived, giving me time to sleep in, make cinnamon rolls, and eat a late breakfast.  Or maybe it's brunch. 

I mostly followed the recipe I used last time, but since I'm incapable of actually following a recipe to the letter, even if it's my own, I made some changes.  For example, I didn't make a sugar/cinnamon filling...I just poured cinnamon on top of the dough.  And instead of mixing the apples into the dough, I spread them on top of the flattened dough and wrapped the dough around them.  MUCH easier to roll up this time!

Yes, yes I did put mini chocolate chips on top of half of the rolls.  Everything tastes better with chocolate.

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