Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chocolate PB&J Cupcake

Decadence or Disaster (in the making)?

I decided it was time to try making something cake-y.  But not an actual cake, they take too long to bake. (ok, maybe they only take 30-35 minutes.  but...I'm impatient.)

I found this recipe online.

Here is my hand-written version.

And here it is post-modifications.

I didn't have any milk...yay heavy cream.

And here are some pictures of the adventure.

clearly, it is not a good idea to attempt to use a 1/2 c measure in a small box of cocoa powder.  it creates explosions
and I have no idea how much cocoa powder ended up in the bowl...probably more than was called for

the cocoa powder is refusing to mix in...grrrrr....

getting there...but there's not much room left for the flour...

oh good, the flour did fit after all

cupcakes step one

1 big spoonful each of crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam

microwave for 45 sec, then stir well...with a knife

spoon a dollop of pb&j on top of each cupcake

here's the leftover cupcake mix/pbj that didn't fit in my muffin tin

into the oven!

oh, yay.  overflowing cupcakes.  I guess I'll have to clean my oven at some point...
By the one point I noticed that the thermometer said 300 instead of 350.  Hooray for un-cooperative ovens!
Can I blame the oven for this disaster?

this looks kind of successful, much more so than the cupcakes

which are a disaster

I had to use a knife to cut this out of the muffin tin

cake pieces and cupcake pieces.  what a disaster.

cutting the cupcakes out was so. much. fun.

At least they taste good!  Yes, yes they do.

Now I get to go scrub cemented chocolate stuff off of my pans. Joy.