Friday, February 3, 2012

My Salmon Adventure

I like to read articles about nutrition and food and running and fitness and stuff. is awesome for this.  They send me emails with great articles that give me new foods to add to my grocery list, new workouts to try, etc. 
Somewhere, I read that canned salmon is super good for you.  I never thought I would have any desire to try canned salmon, but I eat canned tuna all the time, and the article I read said that salmon has way more health benefits than tuna.  (omega 3s and all that stuff).  So I thought, if I can eat canned tuna, why not canned salmon?

I went to the grocery store, and bought a can of salmon.  Certainly cheaper than fresh!  The problem was, I was operating under the assumption that canned salmon was the same as canned tuna.  De-boned, flaked, packed in a can.  So imagine my surprise when that is not what I found.  I opened the can and found a big chunk of salmon, chock full o' bones.  A few good-sized bones, and many, many, many tiny ones that were impossible to pick out.  (Guess that's why canned salmon has such a high calcium content...its all the bones you end up eating!)

Was I supposed to magically know that canned salmon came with all those nasty bones? 

Picking out as many bones as I could, and flaking the salmon, did not put me in a very good mood, since I was hungry and hadn't planned on spending all that extra time prepping the salmon before I could turn it into a burger.  I survived the ordeal, of course...but I'm not sure it was worth it.  I might just stick to paying extra for fresh salmon from now on.

the most labor-intensive salmon burgers. ever.

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