Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back in Business?

I got 40 miles this week, hooray!  It kind of happened by accident, but that's the best way to get good mileage, as far as I'm concerned.  I've still been rather too tired to run too much during the week, but I just happened to decide last night that I needed to run 15 miles today.  And then I ran 16 miles.  The best part?  It felt GREAT!  That is the best I have felt on a run in awhile.  I started out at a comfortable jog, and then about 7 miles in, when I still felt good, I picked up the pace.  It started raining lightly not too long after that, and that helped me keep up a good pace to (rain always makes me run faster...).  The rain didn't last very long, but it cooled me off a bit, and helped me maintain a good pace.  My route brought me back into town around 13 miles, so I had to add a loop around town, which also involved adding the toughest hills of the run.  But still, I continued to feel great.  I would have kept going for a few more miles, but the shoelaces on one foot were digging into the front of my ankle every time I went downhill.  It started about 5 miles in, and I ended up having to readjust the laces every time I went down a steep hill.  It was very annoying, and very aggravating, considering those stabbing pains were the only thing keeping me from what could have been a 20 mile run.  I'm taking tomorrow off, of course, and then I will probably have to wear a different pair of shoes until the bruising heals.  I have this problem a few times a year, and it's incredibly aggravating, especially as it seems like something that is impossible to fix until it is too late.

This week:
M: 5 / 36:58 / 7:23
T: 2.13 / 18:07 / 8:31 w/FB
W: 8.92 / 1:10 / 7:50
R: 4.7 / 33:47 / 7:11
F: 3.61 / 27:31 / 7:38 
Sa: off
Su: 16.08 / 2:08/51 / 8:00
total : 40.44

On Wednesday, I got out of school a bit early.  It was a gorgeous day out, and the first warm day we'd had in awhile.  I was excited to enjoy the weather with a run, but really didn't feel like dragging myself through another run around town.  Since I had some extra time, I drove out to Anthony, and parked at the river trail there, then ran over the hill/mountain to Blue Bend, turned around, and ran back.  I loathe out and back runs, but it was something different, and it was a gorgeous run, so I tolerated it.  About 2 miles in I was about ready to quit, but of course quitting was not an option, and I did not allow myself to turn around early!

After the run, I had a few minutes to play with my camera before I had to head back home to get cleaned up and go coach Glee Club.  
stretching after the run

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