Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taking it Easy

I got 5 days of running in this week, but I didn't have much energy for it.  Ran some shorter loops that I usually try not to do anymore, because I figured a short run was better than no run, and better than pushing myself too hard for something my body is just too tired for.  3 more weeks of school, and then hopefully I will get some downtime to regain some energy! On the upside, even though I have been feeling drained, my average pace on each run has been great.  Part of it might just be my desire to get it over with and get back home, but hey..whatever works!  Also, Friday's run involved a monsoon that appeared in the middle of the run, which contributed to an increase in speed.  2 days later, my shoes are still wet.  I should probably go find some newspapers to stuff in them.  It only just occurred to me today to take out the insoles...I bet they'll be dry by tomorrow afternoon.  I've run in rain before, but this monsoon was much more intense than any other rainstorm I've run in.  I could barely see at one point, and not only were my shoes wet, but I could feel puddles inside the shoes.  It was crazy.  But also rather exhilarating.

This week:
M: off
T: 3.78 / 33:28 / 8:51 w/FB
W: 6.3 / 45:08 / 7:09
R: 2.76 / 20:54 / 7:34
F: 4.7 / 32:38 / 6:56
Sa: 5.06 / 36:48 / 7:16
Su: off
total : 22.6

Just didn't feel like running today.  Plus, it was cold and windy, and I'm kind of over running in the cold after an abnormally long winter.  I rode my horse for a little bit instead.  

Pony Heaven
It would be really nice if we could have a drought-free summer this year so that she can actually enjoy this grass for more than a few weeks!


Spring has finally arrived to this gorgeous place I call home.

How many frogs can you find in this picture?

And how about some food pictures, I haven't posted any on here in awhile!

Tomato-Basil soup made with tomatoes that a coworker needed to get rid of.

Mashed Parsnips with Basil

Minty-Fresh Guacamole
it was...interesting.

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