Sunday, June 16, 2013

Exploring Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

People often tell me "I'm so lucky to be a teacher because I get summers off."  To which I always respond that no, I don't get summers off.  I have to work all summer so that I can pay the bills.  Just 'cause I'm not at school doesn't mean I'm on vacation.  However, sometimes, I need a vacation.  Since school let out at the end of May, I really haven't worked much.  A few babysitting jobs here and there, but that's about it.  It's been wonderful.  Not so wonderful for the bank account, but wonderful for my sanity.  I needed some time to recharge my batteries.

On Friday, I realized that I had a whole day free, with nothing that I needed to do...not even run, because I was resting a hurting muscle.  So I decided to go exploring.  There were a couple places I wanted to check out, the furthest one being a little more than an hour away.  So, I grabbed my camera and a picnic lunch, and jumped in the car.

I went to the Cranberry GladesDroop Mountain, and Beartown.  The skies threatened to rain on my a few times, but they never did.  It wasn't too hot either, the sun was in and out of the clouds and the weather was cool enough that I kept a light pull-over on the whole time.

Cranberry Glades and Wilderness

it looks like a grumpy face

Droop Mountain Overlook


It was a fun day of exploring and picture-taking!  I will definitely have to go back to Cranberry at some point, it's way too big to see all of in one day!  Also, I bet it will be spectacular if I can catch the leaves when they change. 

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