Sunday, September 14, 2014

22 miles this week!

Working my way back to a normal running schedule, and loving it!  Trying to increase my mileage slowly, but this week I had several runs that were longer than planned. I plan a short jog, and then once I'm out there, I just don't want to stop.  I've missed running so much, and I hate to cut a run short when it feels good!  My foot starts to hurt a bit a few miles in, but it isn't the same pain as it was before.  I think/hope it just needs to be strengthened.  I've been telling myself that the Lewisburg 1/2 on October 25 will be my first race back.  But I felt so good on my runs this week, I find myself contemplating the Beckley 1/2 on October 4.  I know my legs are ready, but I'm not sure about my lungs/foot.  It's going to be a tough decision. The early registration cut-off is on September 19, which is making the decision harder.  I'm going to try not to feel the pressure of the early deadline and wait longer to decide.  It's only a $3 increase anyway, and it's not really a big deal if I get the right size t-shirt...

This Week's Runs
M : 3.1
T : 7.4
W : off
R : 5.2
F : off
Sa : 6.5
Su : off

I've been trying to decrease my biking mileage as I increase my running mileage.  Last week I ran 13 miles and biked 61.1 miles.  It was my lowest biking mileage since June, but because I'm running again, I still felt like I got plenty of exercise.  I didn't plan on biking too many miles this week, but somehow I ended up with 106 miles...  That had something to do with today's 43 miler.  I planned to do it last Sunday, but as I started out on my ride, I discovered that my front gear shifter was jammed, and there was no way I was going to be able to climb a mountain without the use of my front gears!  When today rolled around, I was already at 62 miles for the week, and would have been fine taking the day off, but this was a ride I really wanted to do, and the weather is getting temperamental, so I'm not sure how many more chances I'll have to do long rides.  As it is, today was colder than I like.  I could barely feel my fingers and toes by the end of the ride.  

Thursday and Friday's rides were both longer than I was likely to do on my own, but they were with friends, so the mileage was not entirely up to me.  And, it's easier to ride further when I'm with people.

This Week's Rides
M : 14.5
T : off
W : off
R : 21.4
F: 27
Sa : off
Su : 43.1

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