Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another great week of running.

First, some photos that I captured on the way home from Mass this morning.  I love catching the fog rising off the river!

Super happy with how my runs went this week.  Still a little giddy with happiness about being able to run again, and about the fact that my runs are longer than they used to be.  Can't wait to race again!

This Week : Rides & Runs
M : Bike 12.3 / Bike 7
T : Run 8.6
W : rest day
R : Bike 21.9
F : Run 11.3
Sa :  Hike
Su : Run 8.5

Run : 28.4 miles
Ride : 41.2 miles

On Monday, Hill and Holler organized a shop ride.  It was supposed to be a 20 miler, followed by dinner and GVBC beer, followed by a movie called "Pantani : The Accidental Death of a Cyclist."  I wasn't really interested in spending my Monday night watching the movie, but I did want to join for the ride and the beer.  The brewing company has been in the works for awhile, and their beers only just made it into the local bars in the last few weeks.  Six of us headed out on the ride.  We were of varying abilities, and ended up going pretty slow.  Some of us did the occasional speed ahead and then stop and wait.  Since the others were trying to get back in time for the movie, the 20 mile plan was abandoned.  I joined them for a burger and local beer downtown, then when they headed to the movie, I got back on my bike.  The 12 miler hadn't been strenuous enough for me to feel like I really got exercise, and I needed more.  I was racing the sunset at that point, so I just did a quick 7 mile sprint.  

Mothman Black IPA

I don't have anything exciting to say about Tuesday's run or Thursday's bike.  Friday's run was really, really, awesome.  The recap can be found here.  The recap for Saturday's hike (it's lengthy and involves a lot more than just hiking) can be found here.  Today's run was pretty good.  I wanted somewhere around 8 miles.  I decided to do an out and back on Fairview Rd, which is where most of the Lewisburg 1/2 is run.  My plan was to run out 4 miles, turn around, and add more once I got back to downtown if I felt like it.  It was a bit cool out this morning, so I didn't try to push the pace at all, just kept it comfortable.  I hit 4 miles in the middle of a gradual uphill, so I continued to the top, and then turned around.  About a mile and a half from town, I was heading up the little incline towards the bridge over the interstate.  I felt good, so I lengthened my stride a bit and powered up it.  That felt really good, so I decided to keep increasing the pace.  I didn't go as fast as I possibly good, but I put a good bit of effort into the run into town.  As I was nearing downtown, I decided that while I was pushing it, I may as well run the finish of the Lewisburg 1/2, just for the heck of it.  So I kept the pace up until I crossed the finish line, and then I jogged the few blocks back home.  

Here are my splits, just for fun.  I joined Strava when I started biking, and quickly became addicted.  I recently bought a strava-compatible running watch* so I can track my runs as well.  I like that in addition to the splits, it shows you the elevation gain/loss, and shows you what your split would have been if you put in the same effort on flat ground.  

I never used to use a GPS watch unless I was going on a really long run, but now I am hooked.  My other wasn't made to upload runs to a computer, so there wasn't much incentive to use it for anything other than making sure I got enough miles in on long runs.  I really like being able to upload my runs and track them through Strava, and the GPS watch will probably be an essential part of my running gear from now on.  I know running shouldn't be all about the numbers...but I've always been obsessed with tracking/recording my runs, and Strava makes it so much easier!

*Fun fact about my watch : A bought Soleus GPS watch through Amazon.  It was pretty and turquoise and compatible with Strava and I loved it.  It also turned out to be defective.  It got harder and harder to get it to connect with the USB cable and upload my runs.  I contacted Soleus support, and they sent me various trouble shooting options, none of which worked.  So, they sent me a brand new watch...for free!  So far the new watch works great, and I am very satisfied with their excellent customer service!  They requested that I mail them the defective watch so they can figure out what went wrong with that, and I will be putting in in the mail on Monday.  It's the least I can do, in thanks for the new free watch!

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