Sunday, May 17, 2015

Photos this week

 Thursday evening I went to the GES Variety Show to take photos of all our amazing student performers. There was dancing, singing, piano, comedy, basketball, and magic.  It was an entertaining evening for sure, and I took over 400 photos!

One of my 8th graders wrote this on my board.  
"Kinda. JK, yes"

My dinner-date Friday evening.  
We had our favorite food : "sgetti"

After dinner we went to the barn, where I discovered that my riding field has turned into a corn field. 
Which means there is now nowhere for me to ride. 
I have been saying that Pony is "semi-retired."  Now, she is either actually-retired, or I will need to move her to another barn.  Haven't decided yet...

 So much cuteness.

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