Sunday, May 10, 2015

Photo-Adventure 5/9/2015

So happy that Spring is finally here!  Yesterday actually felt more like summer.  It was kind of hard to imagine that I still have 3 more weeks of school, when the weather is so decidedly summer-like.  I have been itching to go on a photo-adventure, but races 4 weekends in a row made it hard to find time.  This was my first free weekend, and the weather was supposed to be gorgeous, so some friends and I decided to plan a trip.  All the stars aligned and we had a great day!

I have been meaning to take Holly to Sandstone Falls ever since I went there back in October.  Then, after Michael took me to Blue Lagoon in March, I knew that was another place Holly needed to see.  As I was thinking about where we should go this weekend, I decided the two places would be perfect to fit into one trip.  Instead of just Holly and I on this adventure, like it used to be, this time it was us plus Tyler, Harper-baby, and Michael.

We left town around 10:30 and headed out to Blue Lagoon.  Harper's stroller unfolds and snaps together impressively fast, and thankfully is also impressively rugged.  Clearly it is an off-road stroller made just for adventures like ours!

Although we did a great job of avoiding the mud on the dark walk through the quarry the first time, we were not so lucky on the way back out.  Our shoes and the stroller wheels were caked with cave mud by the time we emerged back into daylight.  My chacos were so heavy with mud they were barely staying on my feet.  Oh well.  Onward to Sandstone Falls!  We stopped at the overlook to take some pictures and have a picnic lunch.

After passing this overlook down onto the falls, you have to drive a long horseshoe about 5-7 more miles to the town of Hinton where there is a bridge over the New River, and then down along the other side of the river until you get back to the falls.  

So gorgeous!

Group photo from Harper's first photo adventure!
I look so short next to all these tall people...

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