Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sweet Briar Reunion Weekend

I headed back to SBC on Saturday for what may or may not be the last reunion ever.  I didn't register for the official reunion because it was ridiculously expensive, and there was no way I could justify the cost after my travel expenses for the wedding I went to last weekend.  However, Saving Sweet Briar hosted a bunch of off-campus events and I decided two of them were within my budget, so those are the ones I registered for.  It was widely stated that anyone who wasn't registered for the official reunion would not be allowed to set foot on campus.  Thankfully, that rule was not widely enforced, and my friend and I had no trouble getting on campus so that we could go to the Bookshop : her to order a new class ring, and me to get mine re-sized.  After we were done with that, we walked around campus a bit before heading to Rebec Vineyards for a wine-tasting/picnic.

I even wore a pink shirt for the occasion!

the Bell Tower

group photo at the vineyard

The problem with the various different on and off campus events is that everyone was spread out and it was hard to see everyone I knew.  I managed to connect with a few people, but I missed a lot of people that were in town, but not at the event I was at.  

I ended up deciding to just head home after the picnic.  I have done a lot of traveling this spring and am really burned out from it.  I really didn't feel like staying for the evening event, and paying for a hotel room, and not getting home til mid-day Sunday.  The evening event was sold out, so it wasn't hard to find someone who was willing to buy my ticket from me.  So, I headed home.  And then, about 10 miles into the 90 mile drive, my engine light came on.  My old car had constant engine-light problems, but I have had this car for a blissful engine-light-free 2 years.  There were no funny smells or sounds, and I really wanted to get home, so I kept driving.  Thankfully I made it home with no mishap.  I will be taking my car in to find out what's wrong as soon as possible.  Hopefully nothing major!  Only 3.5 weeks until my biggest road trip of the spring/ Rhode Island!

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