Sunday, October 2, 2016

A trail run and half marathon #27

This week : 
T : group run 7 / 7:44 / 292 ft
R : trail w/Glenn & Chuck 5.7 / 10:42 / 945 ft
Sa : warm up 1.6 / 7:16 / 46 ft
race 13.1 / 7:28 / 361 ft
Su : shake out 3 / 8:13 / 75 ft
total miles : 30.5

Tuesday's group run was great, a bunch of fast people showed up and we took off together on the Creeper Trail.  We started out the first mile pretty relaxed (8:12) so I started pushing the pace.  By the third mile, I was no longer the one pushing the pace, someone else was.  We turned around at 3.5, by which point I was ready to slow down rather than overdo it the week of a race.  2 people had already turned around earlier, and after the rest of us turned around, 3 of us chose to slow down and let the other two continue to pick up the pace.  I am looking forward to running this group more often, it will be a great help for my training!

I meant to run on Wednesday, but by the time I got home from work I just wasn't feeling it.  On Thursday, the middle school had a cross country meet at Sugar Hollow State Park, which is only about 5 minutes from our school.  I decided to run around the park in between school and the meet, and then watch my students run.  Turns out 2 other people from the running group were planning to run Sugar Hollow as well, so we met up and ran together.  I hadn't been on those trails yet, so it was nice to have people to follow!  It was cool and rainy so we got soaked in addition to having to deal with mud and wet leaves, but it was a fun time.  

I should have done a light run on Friday, but it was cool out all day and when I got home from work all I wanted to do was crawl under a blanket on the couch to keep warm.  I never did manage to talk myself into going out for a run.  

Saturday's race report can be found here.

Today I went out for a light jog to try and work out some of the soreness in my calf from running on sideways slanted roads in yesterdays' race. 

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