Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tried to take it easier this week. Except for race day, of course.

This week : 

M : 6.3 / 7:42 / 318 ft

T : w/Ben 6.2 / 7:37 / 299 ft

R : early group 4.8 / 8:48 / 279 ft
w/Amanda 4 / 8:06 / 105 ft

Sa : team warm up : 0.6 / 9:10 / 0 ft
my warm up : 1.4 / 7:20 / 0 ft
race : 3.7 / 6:31 / 0 ft
bringing down my HR : 0.2 / 8:12 / 0 ft
cool down w/Corey : 1.6 / 8:45 / 0 ft

Su : shakeout w/Ben 3 / 8:17 / 75 ft

total miles : 31.9

My body was feeling a bit stiff and tired this week so I tried to take it easier/slower.  Figured it was probably time to take an easier week after how hard I've been running lately anyway.  Also I was planning to run as hard as I could at the race, so I thought it might be a good idea to give my legs a bit of a breather beforehand.  

Saturday's race was a 4 person half marathon relay.  Each leg was 3+ miles.  I was given the 3rd and longest leg, because I was the healthiest of the 4 of us.  4 teams handed off before my teammate handed off to me, but I caught the 4th place team after a mile or so, and no one passed me.  I took off like a rocket, and was impressed to see my first mile split at 6:07.  I wasn't delusional enough to think I could maintain that pace for almost 4 miles, but I did put in the same amount of effort for my whole run.  That effort just got me a slower pace with each mile that passed.  The course was very boring with long flat straight stretches, but my run was short enough that I was able to get through it before the flatness started messing with my mind.  

My leg started at 6.3 miles.  

I brought back the race braids for this race...they make me run faster...

4th place trophy.  We each got one, along with a finisher medal.

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