Saturday, October 22, 2016

South Holston Dam and Osceola Island 10/22/16

After a late night having fun with friends, I slept in this morning.  And then even once I woke up around 10:30, I still didn't get out of bed, because it was toasty warm under the covers and quite chilly outside them.  It went down into the 40s last night and I have not turned on my heat yet.  There is definitely a bit of heat rising up from the apartment below me, so I'm holding out as long as I can. At least until it's consistently cold outside, and not only cold at night.  So...I stayed in bed watching Netflix until noon before making myself get up for lunch.

After my lazy morning, I decided to make the most of a gorgeous (though chilly) afternoon, and head to South Holston Dam for a photo adventure and hill run.  I was there on Monday to take the 8th grade class portrait for my school, and the leaves were gorgeous then.  I figured I better get back as soon as I could to take photos for myself before the leaves fell!

I started out by taking photos from the top of the dam.  
You can see the wind in the water!

I then went to the other end of the dam where I was able to take a little path about halfway down to the water.  While there I decided to have a little fun with the tripod.  

Next, I drove back down below the dam to park at the Osceola Island parking lot for my run.  I ran from there up to the dam, across the dam, turned around and went back.  It turned out to be exactly 5 miles, which I ran pretty hard.  I loved pushing the winding hill up to the dam. 

After the run, I thought I would just head home for a hot shower, but decided I should spend more time taking photos instead, so I wandered across a little footbridge to Osceola Island and then walked the trail around the island.  I'm glad it was just barely warm enough out that I didn't get too cold after my run so that I was able to add the extra time outside!  I got some cool photos.  

I could hear a bird calling, but it took me awhile to locate it way up in the tree!  It was facing towards me at the time so the red head wasn't visible.  But I finally found it through my zoom lens.  And then I had to hold the camera ready and stare at it until it finally decided to fly. 

Just chilling, right below the weir dam. So cool!

A very fun, productive, and gorgeous afternoon!

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