Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wolf Pack Saturday Beer Run

This was quite the event!  The theme was "birthday party" and we were supposed to dress up as our favorite childhood toy or just dress up along the birthday theme, but I'm not a fan of costumes so I just wore running clothes.  If anyone asked I said I was "run and chug Barbie." We met at Wolf Hills around 1 PM, and then piled into a few cars to shuttle across town to Moon Dog Pizza, where we started with a beer.  Then the running began with a jog down the street to El Bigotes, where I chose to drink water.  That was followed by JJs sports bar where I had a Guinness, and then Luke's where I had water.  Then came the longest run of the event, which was about 1.1 miles to a park where we were divided into teams.  The main goal of the team competitions was not to come in last.  (Losers did shots at the next stop).

The first competition  involved a chalk circle on the ground, where you had to toss a penny and try to get points.  (middle of the circle was 5, mid circle was 4, outer circle was 2.  I got my team 4 points, and we ended up winning that round.  Next up was an egg in spoon relay race where we each had to walk/run to a specific point with the egg and then when all of us had gone, someone had to eat the egg.  We came in second place in that relay, less than a second behind first place.  The final competition was another relay, in which each leg of the relay had to do a specific movement.  I chose the second leg, which was "hop on one foot."  I made it the whole way down and back at quite a good pace, without ever losing my balance.  I was kind of impressed with that... We finished just barely second place again.

Then it was on to the Peppermill where I had a Guinness, and then Bonefire where I opted out of drinking, but did take part in the coloring contest.  A random customer was chosen to judge; I didn't win.  Next up was the Tavern, where I had  a Pilsner and we played pin the tail on the donkey.  I came in 2nd place.  We were supposed to stop at 128 Pecan next, but they were crowded and we didn't want to inconvenience them, so we headed on to Rain where I had a delicious Long Trail Porter.  Final stop was Wolf Hills where I had my favorite Zazzy's coffee ale and played a game of corn hole with some friends.

Unicorn runners?

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