Monday, July 11, 2011

Experiment of the Day

Oh how I love experimenting.  There's often 2 kinds of experiments that happen when I cook.  The planned ones, and the unplanned ones.  For example, I'll plan to try a new recipe, but what I don't plan is getting started with half the ingredients in the bowl and then realizing I'm missing something I need.  Then I have to find an experimental substitute. 

I have too many bananas to count in my freezer.  I almost never eat all the bananas I buy before they get too ripe, so I always stick the uneaten ones in the freezer, to make banana bread.  But I don't always get around to making that bread... Today, 2 of those black, frozen, bananas got turned into banana cake.  But not just any banana cake.  I found a recipe for "Sour Cream Banana Cake," and it sounded interesting, especially since I just happened to have some sour cream in my fridge. 
Here's the recipe:
I did cut this gigantic recipe in half.

Of course, when I took the sour cream out of the fridge, it turned out it was "Sour Cream with Chives."  Oh yeah, I remember how when I bought it, I thought that sounded way more interesting than plain sour cream.  But that was before I knew I was going to make a banana cake.  Not sure that chives and bananas go together but...oh well.  Too late to turn back.  Instead of the 1/2 cup of sour cream, I did slightly less than 1/2 cup, and then filled the cup the rest of the way with heavy cream.  Just for fun. 

The result?
 It kinda cracked in half when I took it out of the I broke it into 4 pieces, threw them on a plate, and slapped some melted chocolate chips on top.  Very elegant. 

Oh, and if you're can't taste the chives. Thank goodness.  I mean, I like chives, but...

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