Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wine and Dine

There are so many nights when I intend to cook...but then change my mind at the last minute.  Sometimes it's too late by the time I get around to dinner, sometimes I'm too hungry to spend time cooking, sometimes it's too hot to be in the kitchen, sometimes I'm just get the idea.  There's been a lot of salad/sandwich meals lately...  Tonight, I actually had no excuse. 

I've been wanting to make Sweet Potato Soup for awhile, I've only done it once before, but I loved it that time!  And of course, I wanted to make sure I cooked my sweet potatos before they turned out like the last ones I bought...

So, I made some soup.  I chopped and steamed radishes, carrots, and green onions.  Added my usual mix of herbs/seasonings and heavy cream.  Added mashed sweet potatos and the water I boiled them in.  Also ended up adding extra water from the tap.  Tonight's soup ended up a lil too sweet-tasting.  Not quite sure why...but I do think it has too much cream and not enough sweet potatos. 

Of course, it's not a real meal without I cooked up some stew beef in a skillet, chopped it up into pretty small pieces, sauteed some chopped zucchini, and made some de-licious beef & zucchini quesadillas.  And of course, I made some guacamole!

And, you can't wine & dine yourself without some wine...

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