Sunday, July 22, 2012


No, I didn't make it myself.  Although who knows, maybe I'll attempt it someday.  I just had a sushi craving this evening, so I decided to go pick some up.  And then I decided to take pictures of it...

New York Roll, California Roll
so yummy

can't eat sushi w/o chopsticks!

I've never actually touched this stuff before...but I made myself try both tonight.  
The wasabi didn't kill me like I always thought it would, with my super-sensitivity to spiciness.  
But I didn't particularly like the flavor either.  
The ginger was good with the sushi.  Guess it was a good idea to actually try it for once! 
I could definitely only eat the ginger in small amounts at a time though, the flavor was too overpowering if I got too much at once.

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