Saturday, September 15, 2012

Asian-Inspired Guacamole

I was on a roll with the blog-posting last week...then something happened.  I didn't stop cooking though.  I must have been too busy eating to put stuff up on here.  I do have a couple of things to post later, but for tonight I think I'll just post the amazing concoction I made this evening. I'm not really giving you a recipe for it here...but you'll get it eventually.  If I can remember exactly what I put into the asian dressing...

update: scroll down for the link to the creamy ginger dressing recipe

A few days ago, I decided to try a salad dressing experiment.  I love the creamy ginger dressing that comes with salads at the sushi place, and I wanted to try to make it myself.  The result looked nothing like the original, but there was some semblance of a similarity in the taste.  I'm sure I will be experimenting further with that.  Anyway, I had this salad dressing that I had made, but I have really not been in the mood for salads lately.  I was running late with dinner this evening, and pretty hungry, so I thought I'd have some chips and dip while I waited for dinner to cook.  I decided to mix the ginger dressing with some avocado and tomato for an Asian-inspired guacamole.  Pure genius.  I'm pretty proud of some of my other guacamole dips, such as the cucumber avocado dip, and now this one is going up there in the guacamole hall of fame as well.

this is what the ginger dressing looked like before I put 2 avocados and a roma tomato in it

tostitos whole-grain chips are awesome
and so is this guacamole

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