Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guinness Marinade, Part 2

Part 1: Guinness Fish

Part 2: Guinness Pork

I put the pork in the marinade around 10:30 this morning, and didn't get around to cooking dinner until about 8 PM.  Plenty of time for the pork to soak up all that delicious Guinness flavor. 
(Check out Part 1 for the marinade ingredients)

this is what the marinade looks like after a night in the fridge...mmm congealed olive oil...haha

after 30 secs in the microwave to un-congeal the olive oil before I removed the pork

 pan-fry til it looks yummy like this:

don't forget the pasta!

Pasta w/peas & spinach
(tossed with pesto, mustard, and olive oil)

And now I will share with you some pictures from the Allegheny Trail, where I spent some time this evening. Absolutely stunning.  My camera doesn't begin to do that view justice, but I tried anyway.  Totally worth getting home late for dinner.  We saw a bald eagle, flying waaaayyyy overhead, I took a picture but it was so far away it doesn't even show up.

there was a stunning sunset on the drive home

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