Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo Adventure 11/1/2015

My weekend didn't feel complete without a photo adventure.  I was doing laundry this morning and decided that I really needed to go somewhere to play with my camera.  I got a Lensbaby Spark this week, and I wanted to experiment with it.  I also wanted to play with my macro lens.  I decided to head out to Anthony.  It's only 30-45 minutes away, and there are some good views on the way there for capturing what's left of the fall foliage.

The last few weeks have been really busy and hectic for me at school, and last night I went downtown with some friends, which turned into a very long and loud night.  Sensory overload.  I don't do well with crowds or loud noises, and it was very draining for me.  But a friend was in from out of town who I don't see often anymore, so I tried to be social.  After all of the noise and chaos, it was incredibly nice to be alone in the woods by the water today, taking my time, playing with my camera, and enjoying the peaceful quiet and solitude.

The lensbaby creates one spot of focus with everything else blurred.  
Plus it's bendy so you can move the focus around.
It's fun to play with.


Coleman Cliffs
The view is really awesome from the edge of the cliff, but there were a lot of 
no trespassing and tow zone signs posted so sadly I did not go out to the edge for photos.

The Greenbrier River at the boat launch in Anthony.

the adventure-mobile


and of course, no adventure is complete without some jumping shots
it's a new rule

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