Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter is Coming

I had the bright idea to ride my bike at 8:30 this morning, without anything to cover my face and without my winter gloves.  Brilliant.  Not only was it cold, it was also windy.  I froze my face off, and my fingers were so cold they hurt.  But hey, I got some exercise and that's what matters!

It's been a good week of exercise.  Running is still going well.  I had toyed with the idea of running a fourth time this week, but I didn't get to it, and that's okay.  Maybe next week.

This week : 
M : Pub Run 7.4 miles / 7:15 pace / 187 ft
T : sweatfest 60 min / 16 miles
W : 7.4 miles / 7:23 pace / 551 ft
F : bike 21.6 miles / 15.9 mph / 2057 ft
Sa : 5.6 miles / 7:21 pace / 404 ft
Su : bike 15.4 miles / 16.9 mph / 1138 ft

total run miles : 20.4
total bike miles : 53

The Pub Run was fun this week.  There were only 3 of us, and we were all in the "fast" group.  We did 3 extended loops at a faster pace than usual, and then two of us decided to do the shorter loop one more time, at a hard pace.  I had to do a short cool down loop after that to slowly return my breathing to normal in an attempt not to go into a violent coughing fit.  Happily, I succeeded. 

For Wednesday's run, I tried out a potential 5 mile race course for Lewisburg.  It was brutally hilly, because the neighborhood we want to use is...brutally hilly.  I had to treat it like a "race" in order to even get myself to run it without dying on the hills.  Good workout. 

In other news, one of my orthotics was bruising the bottom of my foot and while I was running once a week I was ignoring it, and then I started running more and it was a bigger problem but I still didn't get around to getting it fixed.  It was starting to cause leg pain. I finally went to PT to get it fixed this week.  They gave me a new one, and now I am pain free in both feet, hooray!  Nothing can stop me now...except maybe asthma.  I have no control over that beast.

P.S.  I was walking through downtown today taking photos of the Holiday Festival and I saw snowflakes blowing around.  Winter is indeed coming. 

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