Sunday, November 15, 2015

Still running! And loving every second of it, of course.

It poured rain almost all day Monday, but I told people I would show up for Pub Runs rain or shine.  Several people backed out when the rain was still pouring down at 4:00, but I knew of at least one other brave soul who would show up, and I certainly didn't want to miss a day of running!  At 5:00, the sun actually peeked out of the sky to the west.  I wasn't sure how long the break would last, and so I decided to get a quick run in myself before the group run, in case we cut our run short.  It turned out that the rain did hold off for us and we had our longest run yet!

Wednesday was a teacher work day, and I went in early, so I also left a bit early and got in a good bike ride without having to worry about it getting dark.  After the ride, I was still feeling energetic, so I decided to run as well, since Wednesday is supposed to be a run day anyway.  I was treated to a stunningly gorgeous sunset that lasted for for the entire run.  The colors were so vibrant, and took up a good portion of the sky.  It was awesome.  But of course I really wished I had my camera!

This was the sky towards the end of my bike ride, 
before it exploded with vivid color.

This week : 
M : run 1.3 miles @6:57 pace 
group run 6.2 miles @7:58 pace
T : sweatfest 45 minutes/12.2 miles
W : bike 21.3 miles @16.9 mph, 1857 ft
run 7.3 miles @8:03 pace
F : run 7.3 miles @8:34 pace

I spent most of this morning telling myself that I should go for a bike ride, but I never got around to it.  Perhaps I needed some more time off.  I did ride my horse on Friday and today though.  

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