Sunday, February 26, 2017

Longest run since November 2013!

I was actually looking forward to my 20 mile run.  My last 18 miler went so well, I didn't see any reason why the 2 extra miles would be a problem.  I did not foresee that I would be running 20 miles with a very weak inhaler, however.  I've been trying to refill my prescription for almost 3 weeks now.  I've never had trouble getting refills authorized before, so I have no idea what is going on.  The pharmacy tried three times and then asked me to try.  I left a message on the prescription refill request line, which said to allow 5-10 days.  9 days later, I asked the pharmacy to try again.  Hoping they get through this time and I get my inhaler in the next few days!  If not I guess it's time to find a new doctor...

Mentally, I felt fine throughout the whole 20 miles.  I wouldn't say I hit a "wall" at any point.  I just couldn't get enough oxygen to my legs to keep them moving at the pace I wanted.  I felt good for the first 5 or so miles, and then it started getting harder.  I stuck with the guys til about mile 10, and then I really started dragging.  Thankfully, they were also in good spirits and would slow down or come back for me whenever I got too far behind.  I would try to speed up to stay with them, but every time I tried, my breathing got too fast, so I slowed back down.  It felt like I was crawling, but thankfully I'm in good enough shape that my crawl was still mostly faster than a 9 minute/mile pace!

This week : 
M : TRX 50x 30/10
jog 4 / 7:35 / 210 ft
T : youtube yoga for runners
Wolf Pack Track Tuesday 5 miles
W : workout abs & arms 37:30
R : Wolf Pack 8 / 7:57 / 358 ft
Sa : 20.4 w/Ben & Corey / 8:25 / 1053 ft
Su : shakeout 3.1 / 8:19 / 121 ft
total miles : 40.5

I loved the warm weather on Monday!  Was glad I had a jog scheduled as well as TRX so I could get outside and enjoy the sunshine in a tank top and shorts!

Mollie designed our track workout on Tuesday.  We jogged over to the track from the brewery for our warm up.  Then we did 8 x 300 at 75 % effort, with 2 minutes rest in between.  I was surprised at how consistent I was able to stay.  We started each 300 together, and the rest started when the last person crossed the line each time (me).  My times : 63 ,62, 62, 62, 61, 62, 63, 62.  My last one would have been faster, but Ben took off like a rocket, determined to beat Corey on the last one, and laughing slowed me down... Then we did 2 x 50 at a dead sprint.  We didn't really measure out the "50," we just picked the beginning and end of the bleachers on the back straightaway because it looked approximately 50 meters long.  I did both my 50s in 9 seconds.  

Wednesday's workout, 7 rounds of 7 exercises. 2 minutes between rounds.

Thursday, another gorgeous warm day for a run.

Saturday's long run.  Before, during, after, and aftermath. 
I finally took the tags off the camelbak I bought 3 years ago and put it to use!

Here's the plan for the upcoming week : 

M :  yoga/pilates
T : Track Tuesday (hoping for longer intervals at an easier pace)
W : abs & arms
R : 8-10
Sa : 10-12
Su : shakeout or rest

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