Friday, May 11, 2012

Bacon and Apple Stuffed Beef

I got my inspiration from here, which I came across by chance on Facebook, through Foodies Like Us which posts various delicious looking recipes frequently. 

So, the original recipe was with pork.  But the pork I needed for the recipe was rather expensive, and I already had the thin-sliced beef in my freezer.  So I thawed it out (I love how quickly it thaws...hooray for thin-sliced meats!).  I wasn't sure if my experiment would work or not, but it ended up working perfectly!  I still hope to try this recipe with pork chops at some point...and probably also with chicken.  But the beef worked so well and was easy enough that I'm sure I will do it again. 


3 slices of thin beef
1 tbsp minced garlic
oregano, basil, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, 1 tsp salt
4 thick slices of sourdough bread
5 slices of bacon, chopped and fried
1 granny smith apple, peeled and chopped
4 tbsp melted butter
2 tbsp bacon grease
handful of shredded colby/monterey jack cheese
1/2 c (?)  potato water (it's supposed to be chicken broth...but I didn't have any...and I was boiling potatos at the time)


I mixed up the stuffing (everything listed above excpet the beef), while preheating the oven to 400.  I also heated some olive oil in a skillet.  I stuffed a generously large spoonful of stuffing onto each piece of beef, then rolled it up and stuck 2 toothpics through to hold it together.  Laid the rolls in the skillet, and quickly browned them on each side, then popped them onto a pie plate and put them in the oven for about 20 minutes. 

Then, I had a delicious dinner, with the stuffed beef, mashed potatos, and broccoli. 

the stuffing

the 3rd lonely piece of stuffed beef after the first 2 got eaten

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