Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrambled Leftovers

My new favorite thing to do for breakfast.  I haven't lost my love of chocolate chip pancakes, but the obsession is finally wearing off, and some mornings I just don't feel like making pancakes!  (The downside to my new breakfast is that I now go through eggs so much faster...and I was buying them by the boatload as it was...)

In case you haven't figured it out..."scrambled leftovers" involves scrambled eggs...and whatever I can find to put in them.  I like this best when mashed potatos is on my list of leftovers, but sometimes I use frozen shredded potatos instead.  In addition to eggs and potatos, this breakfast can include anything from grilled zucchini, to fajita leftovers(chicken, onion, peppers), to stuffing (check out the post on stuffed 

eggs, mashed potatos, stuffing
w/ chocolate chip banana bread on the side

eggs, potatos, fajita leftovers

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