Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crock-Pot Ginger Veggies

I've been thinking about buying a crock-pot for a little while now, and yesterday I finally went out and bought one.  I'm hesitant to use it on school days because the idea of leaving it on all day while I'm away is rather scary.  But I think I will have fun with it on weekends.

For my first-ever attempt at crock-pot cooking, I made veggies, potatoes, and pork chops.

2 stalks of celery, chopped
3 small carrots, chopped 
1/3 yellow onion, chopped 
4 medium-sized yukon gold potatoes, chopped
small handful of cranberries
1/4 c chicken broth
1/2 c apple cider
ginger root, grated
soy sauce
rice vinegar
olive oil
3 pork chops (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, sage, thyme, mustard powder)

Spread the chopped veggies in the bottom of the cooker, then spread the potato chunks on top.  Mix in the grated ginger.  Sprinkle with soy sauce, rice vinegar, and olive oil.  Pour in cider and chicken broth.  Rub the pork with the seasonings and then lay it on top of the veggies & potatoes.  Cook on high for 3.5-4 hours.

It did turned out on the broth-y side.  It would probably be fine with half the amount of cider and chicken broth.  I wanted to err on the side of too much because I wasn't sure how much liquid was needed to ensure everything cooked properly.

It was a great meal for a chilly fall day!  I loved the flavor that the ginger gave to the veggies.  

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