Monday, October 22, 2012

Whiskey & Cider Chicken

The Marinade
1 shot Jack Daniels Whiskey
1 squirt of Jack Daniels Mustard
apple cider
olive oil
1 tsp rice vinegar
garlic powder

Add enough olive oil and apple cider to cover the chicken.  
Marinate for an hour or more.
Then, lay the chicken in a baking dish and pour some of the marinade on top. 

Bake at 425 for 50 minutes.

The Gravy
Use the rest of the marinade to make apple-cider gravy. 
(Bring to a boil on the stove.  Mix 2 tbsp corn starch with 1/2 cup cold water.  Slowly pour the corn starch/water into the boiling marinade.  Stir until desired thickness is reached.

The Mashed Potatoes
Peel and chop 4-5 large yukon gold potatoes.
Mash with 1/2 stick butter, garlic powder, salt, oregano, milk, and shredded colby/monterey cheese.

The Kale
Saute/Steam in a skillet with bacon grease.

Don't forget the beer!  This one went quite nicely with the meal.
Apple Cider and Pumpkin Beer...must be fall!

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