Sunday, August 4, 2013

Counting down to August Races

My weekly mileage has been significantly lower than I would like it to be for the last 2 weeks, but, dedicated as I am, sometimes I just let it fall through the cracks.  It's hard to go out for a long run after babysitting all day.  I made it happen once, but usually I end up slacking off and just doing a few miles so I can get home and relax.  Of course, there's also days when it's so hot and humid I'm worried about trying to run too far and survive.

M: 6.14 / 47:38 / 7:45
T: 6.3 / 46:34 / 7:23
W: off
R: 5.56 / 40:11 / 7:13 
F: 6.7 / 53:45 / 8:01
Sa: off
Su: 4.67 / 32:14 / 6:54
total : 29.37

M: off
T: 14.3 / 1:59:41 / 8:22
W: rest day
R: 5.56 / 39:47 / 7:09 
F: 10.25 / 1:23:20 / 8:07
Sa: off
Su: 4.7 / 34:47 / 7:24
total : 34.81

I wish this past week's mileage had been higher, but I am really happy with the two longer runs that I have.  They were both on a tough mountain-y loop that I don't run nearly often enough.  I was pretty excited to realize that I just ran it not only twice in one week, but 3 times in the last month.  I need to make it my goal to run that loop once a week.  If I accomplish that, I'll be golden for Blue Ridge 1/2.  The minimum loop is about 9.8 miles, but I have found that I generally have enough energy to add enough to the end to at least get up to 10, if not...14. 

In other news, I just signed up for another 5k. It's next Saturday.  I want to see if that 19:05 a month ago was a fluke or if I'm really that fast.  Also, 1st place gets $100 and first place last year was 20:05, and the year before was even slower.  So hopefully I'll walk out of there with some money.  2nd and 3rd place also get enough cash to more than pay for the entry fee, and it's only about 45 minutes away.  I'm running the Parkersburg 1/2 the following weekend, and the Charleston Distance Run 2 weeks later.  I'm hoping to win money at all three.   We'll see how that works out for me.  

Also, here's an article I came across earlier today that I found interesting.  Curing Runner Problems.  It talks about solutions to quad pain, calf pain, and heavy legs.  As someone who has frequently suffered from calf pain, this would have been very useful to me a long time ago.  I haven't had any trouble since I started getting fitted for my running shoes, but that doesn't mean it won't come back some day.  

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