Monday, March 23, 2015

Second 16 miler this month!

...and this time I did it on purpose!

This week's runs
M : 6.2
W : 6.2
R : 6.7
Sa : 16.1
total miles : 35.3

I was rather tired all week, and each time I got out there to run I would think to myself that I would probably cheat on my 6 mile minimum rule and run closer to 4.5.  But once I was out there and moving, I would realize that 4.5 is such a walk in the park at this point, I may as well not run at all if that is all I am going to do.  And the 6 miles never ended up as hard as it seemed like it would.  Actually, I'm starting to think I need to up my minimum to 7 or 8.  Or perhaps make it a time minimum instead of a distance minimum, and go for 1 hour.  We shall see.  For now, I'll keep it at 6. 

I knew I needed a long run on Saturday, and I needed 10-11 to hit my 30 mile/week goal.  I wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel, and I didn't feel like carrying food/water.  So I set out on my 10-ish mile loop, and hoped I would feel good enough to add on towards the end.  I was hoping for at least 12 miles.  Thankfully, I felt good and strong and I was able to keep going til 16.  My knees and feet were starting to complain by 14 miles, but what's 2 more when you've already gone that far? All but 5 miles were under 8 min/mile, and most of the slower ones involved long hill climbs.  Marathon training isn't looking half as scary this year as it has in the past!

I couldn't just run 16 miles.  I had to also run as many hills as possible.
Feeling really strong and positive about the Blue Ridge 1/2 coming up soon!

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