Monday, March 27, 2017

Meal Prep Monday : 3/27-3/31

Lunch This Week 

Pork Tenderloin
Black Beans

Pork Tenderloin : I coated the top with garlic powder and oregano, then cooked in the oven at 400 for about 80 minutes, until a thermometer read over 140 degrees internal temperature. 

Black Beans :  I simmered the beans in a pot of water until they reached my desired texture.  Then I sauteed about 1/3 of an onion with garlic powder and olive oil until it started to brown.  I added 8 roughly chopped mushrooms, then added the beans to the skillet.  I mixed it all up and let it cook a few more minutes. 

Carrots : I chopped 6 carrots, added them to a skillet with olive oil and garlic powder, covered them until the started to soften, and then cooked them with the lid off until some edges started to brown. 

The meal : A big spoonful of carrots, a bigger spoonful of beans, and 2 slices of pork.  

Friday's meal will be carrots, beans, and salmon.  

We will see how this week goes with nothing that really qualifies as a carb to my tastebuds in my lunches.  I'm using the beans as my carb here, but I'm going to be missing the taste of pasta, potatoes, or rice.  I suspect I will be adding potato chips to these meals...we will see. 

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