Sunday, March 5, 2017

Grateful for my running buddies!

This week : 
M : 20 min yoga for hip flexibility
T : group run mile repeats 7 / 7:42 / 0 ft
(6:29, 6:28, 6:32)
W : 30 min TRX full body
R : group run 10 / 8:44 / 499 ft
F : off
Sa : group run 12.2 / 8:49 / 696 ft
10 minute ab workout
Su : hill workout 4.6 / 7:36 / 318 
total mileage : 33.8

I was tired and starting to drag this week, but my running buddies helped me stick to my schedule!  I love that they will keep me on my schedule and run with me even when none of us really want to!  It was cool and rainy on Tuesday, and none of us liked the idea of a track workout, especially not with inactive recovery to get cold standing in the rain.  There is a loop around the brewery where we meet that is just barely longer than a mile, and mostly flat.  I proposed that we run mile repeats on that loop, alternating easy and hard.  I said we should do 2-3 hard miles.  The guys agreed that 2 was probably enough.  But after the first, I knew for sure that 2 was not enough.  I was doing 3 whether or not I had company.  We were spreading out on the fast miles, but regrouping for the slow ones.  They weren't thrilled with the idea of 3 hard miles, but they weren't going to let me go alone either.  So we all made it through the 7 miles together.  My legs felt strong, but my lungs were struggling hard.

 After almost 4 weeks of trying to get in touch with the doctor for an inhaler refill, I finally received a message that morning saying it couldn't be refilled because I hadn't had an appointment in over a year.  I was pissed that it took them so long to get me that message. Also, I think it's ridiculous to need a yearly visit just for an albuterol inhaler.  A previous doctor of mine filled it for about 5 years without seeing me before cutting me off... Thankfully, I had a doctor I know here ready to fill the prescription for me when I gave up on my previous doctor.  I got to pick up my new inhaler on my way home from Tuesday's run. And now I am enjoying having oxygen on my runs again!

On Wednesday, I really didn't feel like designing my own workout, so I went on YouTube and found a TRX video that looked promising.  It was a good one, but I had to modify some things because they only place I can hang my straps is in the hallway, and it's not wide enough for all the exercises!  It was a bit hard to workout while fasting for Ash Wednesday, but I managed with only a bit of light headed-ness and some low energy.

On Thursday, I was even more tired, and really not feeling like running 10 miles.  I told the group I wouldn't mind dropping the plan and running less.  But they said if 10 was the plan, 10 was what we were doing!  So glad they keep me on track.  We did the 10 miles and of course it didn't feel half as bad as I thought it would.

I was supposed to work out on Friday.  I spent the whole drive home from work telling myself I was going to go for a jog and workout.  Then I got home and changed my mind.  I put on sweats and decided I wanted to keep Friday as my rest day.  I made myself sushi for dinner and spent the rest of the evening on the couch.

Saturday I drove out to Glade Spring to meet the group for a long run.  Mollie mapped us out a nice moderately hilly loop on low-traffic roads.  It was nice to run somewhere different.  The slow group pace left me with plenty of energy even after our 12+ miles.  So when I got home I made myself do the ab workout I had skipped earlier in the week.  15 exercises, 30/10, plank every even number. #6 and #8 were side planks, the rest were planks on my elbows.  Odd numbers were all assorted core exercises.

I was feeling good today and it was back up in the 50s after a cold week, so I had to get out and enjoy a run.  Once I was out there, I decided it was time to enjoy some hills.  I love my group, but I miss my solo runs, and I miss really pushing the hills!  So I made up a route as I went, hitting all the good hills for pushing.  I ran a moderate pace in between the hills, and went up the hills at something between race effort and sprint.

February Summary
Less mileage than January, even accounting for the fewer days, 
but I did start working out this month, so that is a plus! 

The plan for next week : 

The real hope for Saturday is 26, but after the last 20 miler, I don't want to push it.  I'm hoping that having a new inhaler will make all the difference and that I won't have any trouble adding the extra 6 miles, but if I don't feel up to it, I won't push it.  I'm mapping out a route that gets me to the finish in 20, and has option the option to add a 6 mile loop at the end if I want it. 

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