Monday, March 6, 2017

Meal Prep Monday : 3/6-3/10

Lunch This Week

Pot Roast & Carrots

Pot Roast & Carrots : I chopped 4 very fat carrots and covered the bottom of my crockpot with them.  Then I coated a 2.5 lb roast with salt, garlic powder, and flour and placed it on top of the carrots. I poured in 1 cup of red wine and a bit of tart cherry juice (cause those are the things I had...I didn't have any broth...), put the lid on, and cooked it on high for 6 hours.  Then I added a bunch of rough chopped mushrooms, and used forks to shred the beef.  I ladled out most of the liquid and brought it to a boil on the stove, adding some cold water mixed with flour. I stirred over high heat until it thickened, then added it back to the crockpot.  

Barley : I brought 2.5 cups of water seasoned with salt to a boil, then added 1 cup of barley, and cooked on low heat until tender but not mushy.  Unfortunately I dumped about 1/4 cup down the sink by accident while I was draining the excess water...

The meal : I divided the un-ruined barley into 5 sandwich containers, and then added a big spoonful of beef and carrots on top.  I have green grapes and sugar snap peas to choose between for extra fruit/veggie each day, and I suspect I will be bringing potato chips some days as well...extra salt and carb since I lost some of the barley...

I'm going to have to figure out something else for Friday's lunch, and keep one of these for the weekend, since it's now Lent.  I was so far in robot mode as far as lunches go, I didn't remember that I wasn't supposed to eat meat on Wednesday last week until I got home, at lunchtime (we got dismissed early for severe weather).  And then I remembered no more meat on Friday's either.  So I ended up with two lunches left over at the end of last week.  On Friday last week I ended up grabbing some leftover pasta from something else, and throwing some salmon from a pouch on top.  With 1/2 an avocado.  It wasn't much, but better than no lunch!  I suspect lunch this Friday will also involve a pouch of salmon, but I have no idea what I will be eating it with...I'll probably figure it out Thursday night.  Meatless meals are hard now that I don't eat tuna fish sandwiches every day.  And meatless twice a day has always been hard because I don't really care for that many types of fish.  I like shellfish and salmon, but they are expensive!  I recently discovered the pouches of salmon though, that are quick and easy and cheaper.  I usually shy away from pre-packaged stuff like that, but hopefully these are more rather than less healthy...I'm trying not to overthink it. 

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