Saturday, March 25, 2017

Roaring Run 3/22/17

I was determined to go on a photo-adventure while in Lewisburg this past week.  It was hard to decide where to go though.  My closest options were an hour away, with some of the places I wanted to go closer to 2 hours away.  The weather was also not super cooperative.  There were some dreary wet and gray days, which in hindsight would have been better because I was trying to photograph water, but in the end I went hiking on a brilliantly sunny day.  It was a gorgeous day to be in the woods, but a difficult day to get the silky long exposure photos I like.  I did manage to get a few though, and I definitely enjoyed my time in the sunshine!

Always got to jump for joy!

Playing around on some fallen branches across the path.

More photos from this visit and my visit several years ago can be found at GMcD Photography
(photos from this visit start at #26)

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