Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dinner 10/12

Hmmmmm I feel like I'm not posting enough.  This is a result of either a) I don't have time to cook or b) when I do have time to cook, I'm too busy devouring it to take pictures and post a blog entry.  Life is a little bit crazy.  Every year at school I think that the following year can't possibly be any busier...and then the next year is twice as busy as the previous year.  This past weekend was officially my last Saturday working at the Pub.  I will continue to make their Potato-Leek Soup on an as-needed basis...but I need my weekends.  I have under-rated free time for awhile now...(over a year)'s time for me to get some "me time."

Here's a picture of tonight's dinner.  Not a gourmet feast...but it did involve a little bit of cooking...and it was delicious.
Chicken/Cheese Quesadilla (covered in honey mustard), fresh green beans/leeks/portabello mushrooms steamed/sauteed with mustard & sundried tomato pesto

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