Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Snow Showers

I went to Roanoke this morning to buy some new running shoes.  I have been so frustrated lately, trying to find a good pair of shoes.  It's hard to find the right shoe when you rely on online shopping.  I've known there were stores out there where you could actually get fitted for shoes by people who know what they are doing, and walk out with the best pair of shoes for your feet/gait.  However, I've never sought out those stores because I was trying to save money and buy older model shoes online for reduced prices.  That was all well and good as long as it was working, but it's just not working anymore.  I recently heard about Fleet Feet in Roanoke.  I heard good things about it, checked out their website, and decided to give it a try.

I got to try on a bunch of different pairs, and I got to actually go outside and run in them.  Don't get to do that when you buy online...  I have been wearing size 8.5 for a long time, but the first pair they put on my feet after measuring them was a 9.5.  They felt huge so I got to try a size 9.  I'm a little bit confused as to why I should wear a bigger shoe if my feet fit in a smaller one, but I'm willing to try it at this point.  Guess there will be more room for my feet to expand on long runs.  They felt better at the store than they did when I ran at home this afternoon, and it occurred to me that the socks they put on me for trying the shoes were thicker than the socks I normally wear.  But, despite my thinner socks, I didn't have any problems on my run; the shoes felt a bit roomy, but there was no pain, so I'm happy.

Of course, they have to pass the 4 day test...I've had other pairs that felt great for a day or two and then started hurting.  But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this pair will turn out to be great.  Also, if they are wonderful, I hope I figure it out soon enough to stock up before the model is discontinued. ..

Thankfully, the weather was clear for my drive to/from Roanoke.  I ran 6.3 miles today, and the sleet started somewhere in the middle of the run.  It's "so much fun" to run while being pelted in the face with ice pellets.  Too bad I had left my hat at home.  Still, my legs felt good, so I kept running despite the sleet.

And now...there's almost an inch of snow on the ground.  I thought April Showers were supposed to be rain, not snow.  I just want to be able to run in shorts and leave the jacket at that really so much to ask.  It's been snowing since October, for goodness sake!

Mizuno Wave Rider 16

They came with white laces, but white laces are ugly and boring.  
I put on the blue laces from my favorite-ever shoes (Mizuno Wave Creation 12).
I might try to find some brighter blue laces to liven up the shoes a bit more...

16 days til Blue Ridge 1/2!

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